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About Creative Adoptions

Creative Adoptions, Inc. is a licensed, not-for-profit child-placement agency providing services to women experiencing unexpected pregnancies and adoptive families across Colorado. Founded in 1990 with the belief that all children deserve to grow up in a loving home, Creative Adoptions continues to serve the Colorado community with exceptional adoption services.

There are three distinctive characteristics that make Creative Adoptions unique:

  • We advocate open adoption. We respect the spirit of open adoption and those involved in the adoption triad (the birth mother, adoptive family and the adoptee). Creative Adoptions encourages relationships between the adoptive family and the birth mother based on honor and compassion. While we support open adoption, we will work with all birth parents to create the adoption plan that feels most comfortable to them.
  • Our counseling is unique. More than half of the women counseled by Creative Adoptions end up parenting their child. Since we are committed to helping women make the best decision possible, our counseling is free and non-coercive.
  • How we handle challenging cases make us unique. Creative Adoptions' staff will complete the adoption regardless of the time required or medical condition of the child. We will not walk away from a child.