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Creative Adoptions FAQ

Q: Is Creative Adoptions a licensed child placement agency with the Department of Human Services in the state of Colorado?

A: Creative Adoptions is a licensed child-placement agency in the state of Colorado.

Q: Is Creative Adoptions a non-profit organization?

A: Yes, Creative Adoptions is a non-profit agency 501(c) 3 organization.

Q: How long has Creative Adoptions been in business?

A: Creative Adoptions was founded in 1990 by six dedicated adoptive families and social worker.

Q: What does open adoption mean?

A: The birth parents and adoptive parents craft a relationship that allows them to share as much communication and contact as possible. However, each relationship is unique and varies widely in the extent of contact. Our caseworkers are available to guide our clients in designing the right relationship for the child.

Q: What is the adoption philosophy of Creative Adoptions?

A: The mission of Creative Adoptions is to provide complete, quality open adoption services to adoptive and birth families and their children in order to ensure a lifelong, positive adoption experience for all members of the adoption triad.

Q: Does Creative Adoptions facilitate domestic, interstate, and international adoptions?

A: Creative Adoptions does facilitate domestic and interstate adoptions, but does not facilitate international adoptions.

Q: Does Creative Adoptions provide services for a traditional adoption? A designated adoption? A special needs adoption?

A: Yes. We will not turn any birth parent away.

Q: Why should an adoptive family or a birthparent choose to work with Creative Adoptions?

A: Creative Adoptions, Inc. is an agency that allows every individual to create and customize the adoption plan that best fits their needs. We are entrusted by all in the adoption triad (child, birthparents, and adoptive family) as we guide them through the commitment of a lifetime. We believe in giving all children the opportunity to grow up in a loving home. We emphasize respect, compassion, and dignity to empower all members of the adoption triad for a positive, lifelong experience. Whether you are interested in adopting a child or placing a child, we are dedicated to providing you with the quality of service you deserve. Creative Adoptions will listen to your concerns, educate you in the adoption process, and assist you in your journey to becoming a member of the adoption triad.