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Adoptive Family FAQs

Q: Does Creative Adoptions have age restrictions?

A: No, Creative Adoptions does not have an age restriction on adoptive parents.

Q: Does Creative Adoptions have a religious affiliation or restriction?

A: No, Creative Adoptions does not have a religious affiliation or restriction.

Q: Does Creative Adoptions have a marriage restriction?

A: Creative Adoptions prefers that a couple be in a committed relationship for at least two years prior to beginning the adoption process.

Q: Does Creative Adoptions provide adoption service to a single parent home?

A: Yes, Creative Adoptions will provide adoption services to a single parent home.

Q: Does Creative Adoptions have a restriction on children already in the home?

A: No, Creative Adoptions does not place a limit on the number of children you may already be parenting.

Q: Do individuals/couples have to be declared medically infertile to adopt?

A: No, however Creative Adoptions asks that you cease fertility attempts during the adoption process.

Q: Is there a waiting list to enter the adoption program?

A: Creative Adoptions limits the number of waiting families to 25.

Q: After the application process, how long is the wait to take placement?

A: Once you enter the program, there is no waiting period. Birth parents can select from any qualified family in waiting.

Q: How long does the entire adoptive process take?

A: The entire process takes approximately one to two years (depending on when you start the application process).

Q: What is the waiting period for placement of a child?

A: Based on our 22 year history, the general waiting periods for placement can range from three to 24 months.

Q: How long does relinquishment take?

A: Once a child is placed in the adoptive home, the relinquishment of birth parents parental rights will typically occur anywhere from six to 12 weeks. A birth parent can decide to parent any time prior to relinquishment hearing.

Q: What ethnicities of children are available for adoption?

A: Creative Adoptions places infants of all races.

Q: Can the adoptive family choose the gender of the child?

A: No, birth parents often select their adoptive family prior to the birth of the child. We do not allow gender exclusivity.

Q: Will the adoptive family have access to the social/medical history of the birth parent(s)?

A: Yes, Creative Adoptions does typically have the social/medical history of the birthmother to the extent of availability.