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After exploring almost all Colorado adoption agencies and feeling very frustrated by the lack of response we received by many, as well as some of the false promises made by others, we were relieved to have the exact opposite experience when we reached out to Creative Adoptions. Not only did we have the chance to have our initial questions answered in the first call, we were given a call back and able to set up a meeting right away. We were given a realistic timeline about when things would occur and those expectations were delivered and surpassed. They walked us through the steps of the home study process, educational requirements, book preparation, and legal proceedings in a very calm way which made everything come together so easily. Both Rachel and Allison ( our case workers) were readily available to us for guidance and support before, during and after our adoption, which made it seem like we were all going through the process together. I can not speak more highly of the agency who brought us our most precious gift in life than the women of Creative Adoptions. They truly honored us and made what can be an extremely emotional process, a rich, supportive,  engaged, and beautiful one. I am proud to be a part of the Creative Family and strongly recommend learning more about the services they offer to both adoptive parents and birth parents.

Chrissy L.


It is a blessing to grow up in an open adoption family. Knowing who my birthmother is, has given me a sense of security. I could not imagine it any other way. My birthmother, Tracy, is a wonderful person and is a best friend to me. My birthmom now has two daughters, which are my half sisters. If I wasn't in an open adoption family, I may have never known or met my sisters. I don't have to worry about finding my birthmother as I get older. I am so glad my parents have chose for me to know her. From the day I was adopted, I saw my birthmom about two or three times per year. Now that I am older, I see her about once every other month. My adoptive parents love me very much and I am blessed because I have a relationship with my birthmom and my half sisters. I would never change this for the world.

Molly M.


As a same-sex couple, we were very limited on adoption agencies that would work with us.  Creative's philosophy is that the birth parents pick there own adoptive families, so they accept all types of families.  We have adopted two wonderful girls with the help of Creative.  Creative was there for us through the ups and downs of the process.  They were always available to answer our endless questions and discuss our concerns once we were in a match.  We would highly recommend Creative Adoptions to anyone interested in an open adoption. 

Sherstin and April


Mostly, because of my adoption, I firmly believe in open adoption. Creative does wonderful things out in the community and I'm proud to say I was involved with its process. 



Let me set the stage for you. My wife and I are sitting in a doctor's office discussing a medical issue regarding our 13 year old son. The doctor begins his questions by asking each of us for as much family medical history as we can provide. My wife is able to go into great detail for several generations including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, etc. When the doctor turns to me I had to admit that I have no medical history. But really that isn't true. The fact is that I did have a family medical history, it was just unknown to me.You see, I am an adoptee and a product of a closed adoption system, a system under which most adoptions still take place. I had been questioned before about my family medical background during my own routine physical exams. While it did bother me somewhat that I couldn't supply what is clearly important diagnostic information, somehow when it was about me and merely routine, I gave it little thought. But now I needed the information for my son. It hurt deeply to not be able to help. In fact I clearly remember feeling like I was failing my son, a feeling I had never known and I couldn't get over it. Fortunately the medical concern turned out to be nothing, but it started me on a quest. I was angry, angry at the system, angry at being given away with no thought of my future or my children's future, angry at my adoptive parents for not thinking to demand such fundamental information. For the first time I was beginning to feel anger and resentment at being an adoptee. Up to that point I had never really given much thought to what it means to be adopted. My parents did a wonderful job of making me feel like one of their own and I always viewed myself as well-adjusted. Thus began a search for my birthmother, a painstaking journey that went on for 14 years before I finally found Martha six years ago. It was interesting for me to note how the need to continue such a painful process for so long changed as time went on. What had started out as a need to discover my family medical history (very practical, right?) evolved into something much more esoteric. It became a quest to fill a hole in my soul. So to those of you who have chosen an open adoption process, I applaud you; you are doing the right thing for your son or daughter and possibly for generations to come. I know that the medical issue is only one reason behind the concept of openness in adoption and there are many more equally compelling reasons. This just happens to be my story; and in sharing it I hope that it will strengthen and even further your commitment to the concept of open adoption and Creative Adoptions. I am very pleased to be a member of Creative Adoptions' Board of Directors and hope to be able to help the very dedicated staff and the board take the concept to even new heights. Postscript: I have a good relationship with my birthmother, however, she still refuses to share "the rest of the story." So I still have only one half of my history. But I can be persuasive and expect to eventually prevail.

Bill H.